Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the category of the books & weight you are interested, fill the checkout details, and choose payment option, place the order.
All the prices are already negotiated and competitive with market.
No. Our wholesale book program is only for customers that are interested in purchasing books by the weight. Fulfilling specific orders requires additional labor which can only be done on our retail site,
Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill an order by author or title. If your order is big enough, you can possibly qualify for an additional discount by emailing our customer service department by clicking here.
Absolutely. You have several categories to choose from - how you want to break down your order is up to you. We cannot mix 2 categories into 1 box though.
The cost varies depending on the size of the order and the final destination.
No, at present we don’t have this facility available
No. Pulling any book by title and author requires additional labor that is factored into the cost of ordering from us online. The wholesale book program is for customers that are looking to purchase large orders by category only.
Because each box is unique it is impossible to say for sure. We can assure you, however, that you will get a rich variety of titles in each box that you purchase.
It really depends on the final destination. As soon as we receive payment we can ship out your order.
We currently accept online payments & cheques, DD. Please note that we are unable to release your order until we have verified funds.
At this time, we do not offer eBooks for sale.
Yes we sell returned, used, remainder and overstock books. Most of the books in wholesale categories are used, reminder or overstock books.

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